How To Stop DDoS Attack On Netgear Router? (Complete Guide)

How To Stop DDoS Attack On Netgear Router? (Complete Guide)

The Denial of Service (DoS) attacks in your router is a serious problem that makes its traffic unavailable for the user. A distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) is a special type of DoS attack with the same principle. In DDoS, the malicious traffic is generated from multiple sources and orchestrated from a single central point. In this, the traffic sources are distributed and this makes a DDoS attack much difficult to block. If you are a Netgear router user, then it is very important to stop DDoS Attacks on Netgear Router.

Check the detailed article to avoid such threats on your device from this article.

What is a DDoS Attack?

What is a DDoS Attack?

Just like DoS attack, the DDoS attack is done with bad intentions. This type of attack mainly arises when a hacker leverages multiple compromised systems to concurrently attack a single application, system, or network. This actually makes the server unable to respond to requests from any legitimate users.

A distributed mechanism actually doesn’t leverage a single host to take down the desired destination. In DDoS many servers concurrently attack a single target destination. These servers then become part of something known as “botnet.”

Why do DDoS Attacks occur on Routers?

Why do DDoS Attacks occur on Routers?

There are multiple reasons why your router may experience a DDoS attack. These causes may vary from nefarious competitors and increasing demands to hacktivism and amusement of putting users in trouble. Unauthorized Netgear router login to your router’s access page can also cause such issues. Whatever is the reason by which attackers can cause such attacks on the router, but it should be resolved at the earliest.

What are the Different Types of DoS and DDoS Attacks?

These attacks are classified into multiple groups depending on the network protocol used, sent data packets, and other criteria, as well. Given below are the types of attacks that you may experience:

Volumetric Attacks:

These attacks use a unique technology known as ICMP echo requests. This technology is mainly designed to overwhelm internal networking capacity.

Fragmentation attacks:

These attacks send manipulated packets to a network that are very large in size to get processed.

Application layer attacks:

Mainly, this type of attack focuses on resource consumption by creating excessive transactions or processes. This result holds the real genuine transactions and may affect their processing.

How do I Prevent DDoS Attacks on Netgear Routers?

You may experience issues like the Netgear router not working if you don’t guard your network against IP address spoofing. Go through the following steps to prevent DDoS attacks on a router before it starts:

  • Make sure your system has a strong firewall to prevent the detection of your router’s genuine IP address.
  • Also, ensure that antivirus software installed on all devices is properly updated. Connect the antivirus application to the internet to prevent your device from being part of a DDoS.
  • Keep your operating systems, i.e., Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, or whatever you are using properly updated.
  • Ensure that your hardware devices like routers or modems and software are updated to the latest security standards.
  • Avoid using third-party servers. Always use official servers to prevent your IP address from being displayed to the public or the server admin. You can try one among the popular servers like Playstation Network, Steam, Xbox Live, etc.
  • All the voice chat programs on your device must be updated. It is also advised to avoid accepting any voice chat requests from individuals whom you don’t know.
  • Always use a stable and internet connection as an unstable internet network creates connection timeout issues and display false DDoS attack messages.

These are the steps by which you can prevent DDoS or DoS attacks on the router. If you have any doubt in the above information or facing issues while executing these steps, feel free to contact our Netgear router support team. The professional experts are available 24*7 to solve your issues easily.

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