How To Fix TP-Link Router Keeps Disconnecting Issue?

How To Fix TP-Link Router Keeps Disconnecting Issue?

Being one of the most popularly used brands of Wi-Fi routers. TP-Link routers are renowned all over the world because of their quality and efficiency. There are multiple ISPs that use TP-Link routers for providing Wi-Fi service. You can buy these routers directly from a tech store or from their official site. But sometimes, you may face issues like the TP-Link router keeps disconnecting from the internet while connecting it to your device.

Here in this article, we have mentioned quick troubleshooting steps that you can follow to fix such issues with your TP-Link routers.

How do I know if my TP-Link is connected?

How do I know if my TP-Link is connected?

Wireless devices disconnect from the wireless network very often and thus make you unable to use them efficiently. There are several reasons due to which the TP-Link router keeps dropping WiFi issues occur. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Incompatibility: There might be some incompatible driver or software installed in your system, which makes the broadcaster or router and the client unable to work as expected.
  • Signal interferences: As we know, there are multiple routers of different types in the vicinity and this causes the air space to be too crowded.
  • Other Factors: There are several other factors like radar activities, hardware issues, or a jammer near your device location. 

How To Fix TP-Link Router Keeps Crashing Issue?

How To Fix TP-Link Router Keeps Crashing Issue?

Disconnection issues of your TP-Link router are very common and need to be resolved at the earliest. If you are also looking for what you can do in order to fix the frequent disconnection issues, then you are at the right place. We have mentioned several quick methods to fix the TP-Link powerline adapter that keeps disconnecting issues. But before applying these methods, make sure:

  • The router is upgraded to its latest firmware. This enhances the security, compatibility, and performance of your router.
  • Ensure that you are blocking a client only using its MAC address.
  • The router’s setting is backed up to a particular file, so you can reset and retrieve it to a previous state in case of issues if it happens.

Effective Methods to Fix TP-Link Stopped Working

Effective Methods to Fix TP-Link Stopped Working

Now, when you are done with the above points, you can finally apply technical steps to fix the wireless router keeps dropping issues. Given below is a list of solutions that you can apply in such cases:

Check Your Network Connection

Before applying any methods to bring TP-link routers in a working state, make sure your device has proper Ethernet connection. For this, directly plug in the cable connected with the router to an Ethernet device and check if your device has stable internet. If the issue still persists, you need to focus on the Ethernet connection or the router itself.

If it disconnects on Ethernet

If you face the same Ethernet-related issue, then there is some problem with your connection instead of the router. In such cases, you can:

Inspect cable and connector:

Your cable and connector must be properly connected and should be in working state. Make sure that it is not damaged at any point. If your cable is defective or worn off, you will face connectivity issues while using it. If there is any bend in the cable, then it is not suitable and immediately replace it with a new one. Also, check whether the connection is properly plugged in and there are no damages to it. These frequent checks will definitely solve all network-related issues if they are due to cables. 

Contact ISP:

If you are still unable to use your TP-link router, try to contact your ISP so they can detect the exact cause of the issue. Your ISP will also help you to fix the problem for you.

If Your Ethernet is working Properly

If your connection is stable and the Ethernet cable is also properly connected with the device, then there may be a problem within your router. In such cases, it is important to fix them as soon as possible. For this:

Restart your router:

Mainly, routers cause issues in your system due to improper settings and thus start disconnecting very frequently. To avoid such problems, restart the router by unplugging the router from the power outlet and then plugging it again. This would also reboot the hardware components of the router and bring it to working state. If your TP-Link router keeps restarting again and again, try a different power outlet. Also, check whether the power adapter you are using is working properly.

Reset the default setting of your router:

If restarting does not work, then try to reset the router to its default settings. This would change the configuration of your router, like its DNS server settings and much more. Resetting your router would fix the problem for you most of the time without any hassle.

Wrapping Up

The above methods will definitely help you in fixing the TP-Link router that keeps disconnecting from the internet. Just follow everything one by one as we have mentioned above. By the end of the article, the issue will be resolved successfully and your router will start working normally.

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