How To Use The WPS Button On ATT Router?

How To Use The WPS Button On ATT Router?

ATT provide a wide range of services to its users around the globe. When it comes to their networking hardware section, the ATT routers are the top-notch equipment. But sometimes, you may face problems while connecting your router to your device. In such cases, you can reset your ATT router. In this article, we have mentioned what is WPS button on the ATT router and how you can use it. 

What is WPS Button on ATT Router?

What is WPS Button on ATT Router?

WiFi Or Wi-Fi Protected Setup allows you to connect your device to the router. WPS provides a fast, easy way to connect your WPS-enabled devices to your hotspot Wi-Fi network. In this, you don’t have to enter the password for connecting both devices manually. To utilize the WPS features on your device via the ATT router, you have to press and hold the WPS button. Click Pair with Main Wi-Fi. 

If you have previously connected your device to a router, you might have experienced the horrors of default router passwords. You can check these passwords somewhere from the back of the box or router itself. The password contains a long string of letters, numbers, and symbols that you have to enter to use the router.

It is very easy for hackers to detect the default password of the router. If the password was something like “admin,” a hacker can easily guess it and can even access your router. To avoid such a situation, it is advised to change the randomly generated default passwords before using your device. This secures your network from any unauthorized access.

However, if you don’t change these complex default router passwords, it is quite common for someone to access and change them. This means that to prevent from someone accessing your Wi-Fi, it is good practice to change its default password.

Where Is the WPS Button on My ATT Router?

Where Is the WPS Button on My ATT Router?

The WPS button of your router may look quite different and varies as per your router model. For some models, it is very easy to spot; just by checking the button labelled as “WPS.” Usually, the button is located somewhere around the back of the unit.

Few router models use the WPS symbol, which appears as two arrows pointing to each other in an oval shape. Others use the term “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” near the WPS button. All of the above indications of the WPS button vary as per the model you are using. 

How to Enable WPS Button Through ATT Router Settings?

Go through the simple steps given in this section to enable the ATT router WPS button:

  • Press the WPS button on your router.
  • Hold it for three-four seconds and then release it.
  • Once it is ON, go to the Network menu and check if it is visible.

That’s it! Just apply these steps and you’re done. If however, the AT&T WPS button not blinking green light, try the steps mentioned in the next section.

WPS Button on ATT Router Still Not Working?

Instances may occur when you face problems while using the ATT router. If your WPS button is not working, you can check how to turn off the WPS button on the AT&T router. You can even apply the following steps to fix these issues:

  • Firstly, sign in to your ATT router using your login ID and password.
  • You can type admin and abcd as username and password, respectively.
  • After this, you will connect your router to the default network.
  • Now, the network interface will appear on the screen. Locate and navigate ATT WiFi setup.
  • Locate and click wireless settings.
  • After successfully completing the above steps, the WPS button on your ATT router will start blinking. Flashing basically indicates that the WPS feature has been enabled on your router.

Final Words

The process for enabling the WPS button on the ATT router is pretty simple and quick. All you need is a fast, secure connection to access the internet over. Just follow the instructions mentioned in the above sections for enabling the WPS button. If however, you face any problem with the above steps, contact the Spectrum customer service team. The professional representatives are always available to solve your issue and try to provide you with a safe connection that WPS provides.

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