How To Bypass ASUS Router Parental Controls?

How To Bypass ASUS Router Parental Controls?

Not on the ASUS routers, but many other tech-based devices come with parental controls. This way, the parents or guardians can supervise the internet usage of underage loved ones so they can focus on the productive side of things. Moreover, parental controls on the ASUS routers tell the elders or parents what their children see on the internet. But most of the time, the parents aren’t that well aware of tech compared to the current-era under-aged children. 

Therefore, we thought of conducting thorough research on how to bypass ASUS router parental controls. This way, we can better guide the parents about everything that could be done to overcome their control. This post introduced different techniques your child can use to breach the security you have put around internet usage. Suppose you have a child and you want to schedule their internet usage. In such a case, this post is especially beneficial for you. Let’s read it!

How To Bypass ASUS Router Parental Controls?

Note: This post is for the parents, not the under-aged children. The motto behind writing this post is to tell the parents about all the techniques that their child can apply to overcome their parental control on the ASUS router. We want to add as much value as possible to make the internet safer. We respect the rules and limitations and follow all the security guidelines to protect any kind of security. In short, this post is only for the parents, not for under-aged children. 

This post section explains how your child can overcome parental control on an ASUS router or mesh WiFi system. Those breaching techniques are given as follows:

1. Using a VPN Network 

A VPN network is the first commonly used method to bypass parental controls on ASUS routers. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows a device to connect to a secure network over the internet. When a device connects to a VPN, all of the internet traffic from that device is routed through the VPN server. This can be useful for various purposes, such as protecting the device’s internet traffic from eavesdropping, spoofing its location, or bypassing internet restrictions and censorship.

The router must be configured to connect to the VPN server to use a VPN on a router. This can be done through the router’s web-based configuration page. Once the router is connected to the VPN server, any device that connects to the router’s network will be routed through the VPN. This allows all of the devices on the network to benefit from the security and privacy offered by the VPN. This is how your child can use a VPN and overcome the parental controls on a router. 

2. Logging Using a Different Account 

Suppose your children know the ASUS router’s credentials, e.g., password, to connect to it. In such a case, they can use another device to connect to the router’s internet without giving you any chance to supervise their internet usage. It is possible that logging in to the router’s web-based configuration page using a different account with different permissions could allow you to bypass or change the parental controls that have been set up.

3. Logging Using Parents’ Credentials

It is generally not possible for a device connected to a WiFi router to access the router’s admin password. The admin password is used to access the router’s web-based configuration page, which changes the router’s settings and configuration. This password is typically only known to the router’s administrator, which is you as a parent, and is not transmitted over the network. In short, it’s not easy for a child to get the parent’s administrative passwords on ASUS routers. 

But there are still some chances that your children or one of them knows your login credentials. Suppose they have retrieved your credentials in any of the ways. In such a case, they can log into the admin account and change the parenting controls. This way, they can use the internet without getting suspicious. Although you’re sure that only you know your passwords, it’s suggestive to keep checking your parental controls for a while. This is a perfect way to prevent danger. 

4. Resetting the Router and Use the Defaults  

The most proper way to overcome your parenting controls is by resetting the router and using the default credentials to login into the router. Resetting the router can help your child overcome parental controls if the controls were set up on the router itself and the reset causes the controls to be removed. But there are some limitations to this method as well. This method is only valid if your child has a separate WiFi router to use the internet, not when you’re using the same internet connection.

This is because when your child resets the ASUS router, you will also log out of the connection and guess what happened with the router. This way, you’ll ultimately know that something wrong happened with the router. In addition, resetting the router will remove any other customizations and configurations made to the router, such as wireless network name and password, port forwarding settings, and VPN configurations.

5. Changing the Time on the Router

Your child may be able to bypass your parental controls by changing the time on the router, as some parental control features are based on the current time. For example, if you have set up a schedule to limit your child’s internet access to certain hours of the day, changing the time on the router could allow your child to bypass these restrictions. However, changing the time on the router is generally a complex task, as it requires accessing the router’s web-based configuration page and having the admin password. 

Your child would need to know the correct steps to take and have the necessary permissions to make these changes. I recommend taking measures to secure the router and prevent unauthorized changes to its settings. This may include setting a strong and unique admin password and using a firewall to block unauthorized access to the router. It is also helpful to monitor your child’s internet use and to have open and honest conversations about responsible online behavior. You must remember all the facts as parents. 

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