How to Access Router Settings from Phone?

How to Access Router Settings from Phone?

Sometimes, you may encounter situations where you have to make some changes in the settings of your wireless router. Usually, it is recommended to do such changes using a laptop or a computer and a wired connection. Ever wondered what if you don’t have access to your laptop or desktop? Don’t worry, in such cases, you can configure the router settings using a smartphone or a tablet and a wireless connection. So, let’s check how to access your router settings from a phone from this article.

Steps to Access the Router Settings from Your Smartphone

Steps to Access the Router Settings from Your Smartphone

You have to access the router login page to configure its settings. For this, follow the below-mentioned steps from Android phone or iPhone/Pad that has good internet connectivity:

1. Connect to your wireless network

Since it is not possible to plug your network cable into your smartphone, so you must have to use your wireless network. It is very important to have an internet connection on your device else you cannot make any changes to it.

2. Open the web browser on your smartphone

Whether you are using Safari or Google Chrome browser on your device, open it to access the router settings. You must know that the home network has to work but there is no need for Internet to access the router settings.

3. Type the default router IP in the address bar

Whether you are using iOS and Android smartphones, you have to type IP addresses of your router to access its setting page. Depending on the wireless router you are using, the default IP address can be,,, and so on. After entering the default IP address, click on the Go button from your keyboard.

4. Enter the default login details

After pressing the Go button, you need to enter the login credentials. The default router username and password can be accessed in the user manual or on a label of the router. By default, username and password are user or admin and password or admin, respectively. If none of the combinations work, try to reset the router to factory defaults to find the router username and password.

5. Make the necessary changes

Now the router settings page will appear on the screen. This page might look a little different than what you access after login in using your computer. This is mainly because of the responsive design; you just have to browse a little until you locate the settings that you have to change.

Unable to Access the Router Settings from Your Phone? Checklist

Unable to Access the Router Settings from Your Phone? Checklist

If you are unable to access router settings page on your smartphone, then make sure to go through the next checklist. Check whether following things are right in your device or not:

  • Is your smartphone is properly connected to the Wi-Fi network?
  • Did you enter the correct IP in the URL bar?
  • Whether you have entered the correct default username and password on login page?

If you have made mistakes in any of the above checkpoints, check them carefully and apply relevant steps to fix them.

Steps to Access Router Settings without Internet

Steps to Access Router Settings without Internet

If you want to access router settings from phone without internet connection, establish direct connection with the router. For this:

  • Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the available LAN ports of the router and another end into the Ethernet port.
  • Log in to your router and open page to access the network settings. Then, access to DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) settings.
  • Configure the wireless SSID (Service Set Identifier), password, and security protocol. It is advised to use WPA2 wherever possible.
  • Make the relevant changes and save them.

Hope, this article helps you to know how to access router settings from a phone. Usually, you need to follow the above steps when you don’t have your laptop or desktop PC to log in to your wireless router. Thus, you can change the Wi-Fi password, network name, and other changes to make your Wi-Fi network more secure.

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