How Do I Find My ASUS Router Username and Password?

How Do I Find My ASUS Router Username and Password?

When purchasing a new router may be from ASU or any other brand, it’s essential to update its default credentials, including username, password, and SSID, for security purposes. But this is only possible when you know the default credentials necessary to login into the router’s settings. Knowing the initial credential isn’t only necessary to set up a new username and password and configure all the other settings. In short, knowing routers’ default login details is necessary for many purposes. 

Suppose you don’t know your ASUS router’ username and password. In such a case, you must know how do I find my ASUS router username and password. For your information, all the ASUS and other brands’ routers come with a particular username and password. We aim to find out these details in this article. This post introduces multiple ways to know the initial credentials. We have added all the possible methods in this article to get things done quickly according to users’ requirements. Let’s read!

How Do I Find My ASUS Router Username and Password?

The default credentials, username/password, in most of the ASUS routers are admin/admin unless you have changed it. Remember, both the username and password are case sensitive, so you can upper-case or lower-case any of the characters or can’t add space. But these credentials also depend upon the router’s model. Suppose you haven’t changed the factory credentials but can’t log in to the router. Read the next section. 

There are many ways to determine the ASUS router’s username and password. This article section discussed three tactics to get what we are looking for. But which method applies to your router depends upon which router you have. Repeating again, try using admin/admin in username/password. But if these aren’t the default credentials, you can find yours by following the methods below. The methods are given as follows: 

1. Check The Product Manual.

If you have recently installed the ASUS router in your workspace and have its manual safe, you can use the router’s manual to find its default credentials. Remember, the username and password are given in the manual only apply when you haven’t changed the default ones. To find out

Step 1: Locate the WIRELESS SETTINGS Page From the Manual.

  • Take the ASUS router’s product manual and find out the INDEX page
  • From here, find the page number for the Wireless Settings. Note down the page number. 

Step 2: Find the Default Credentials.  

  • Once you have reached the Wireless Settings, find the username and password.
  • Note down these credentials for later use. 

2. Check For The Wireless Label.

What if you’re unable to find the handy manual book? We can use the wireless label methods to find the default credentials in such a case. Remember, the wireless label is underneath the router, so we will use this to find the required details. To do this

Step 1: Locate the Wireless Label.

  • First, take the ASUS router and turn it upside down so you can easily read the written details underneath.
  • Find out the white-and-black label under the router. 

Step 2: Note Down the Necessary Details.  

The details will be given as follow:

  • Default URL:
  • Username: admin (or something else)
  • Password: admin (or password or something else)
  • MAC Address: XX.XX.XX.XX 

3. Visit the Official Website.

Suppose both the above methods are somehow not applied to your router for any reason. In such a case, you can use the ASUS official website on your phone or computer to find your ASUS router’s details. The whole process is given as follows:

Step 1: Visit ASUS’s Official Website

  • Go to from any device, mobile phone, laptop, or computer.

Step 2: Find Your Router From The Website

  • Select your router and model from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Find the Username and Password.  

  • Click the Find Password.

Note down your router’s username and password from her.

What To Do When Forgetting The ASUS Router Username and Password?

This post section applies to users who have updated their ASUS router’s password but forgot afterward. Therefore, they won’t be able to use the default credentials to login into the router. In such a case, the only method to get access to the router is to reset the router to the factory default username and password and set it again. Two methods to reset the password and username are appropriately using the Reset button and the WPS button. 

Although there are two resetting methods when you don’t know your credentials, we’ll look at the first method in this section for several reasons. First, resetting the ASUS router with the Reset button is a straightforward way to reset your router to its factory defaults. Another reason to discuss this method is that it applies to most routers since all have the Rest button. The steps to reset the router using the reset button are given as follows:

Step 1: Locate the Reset Button.

  • The Rest button is mainly given on the back of the router and mentioned with the “Reset” term near it. 
  • You can also take help from the WPS button, which is also near the reset button. 

Step 2: Press the Reset Button Appropriately

  • The next step is appropriately pressing the Reset button once you locate it to reset the router. 
  • Grab a ballpoint, paper clip, or anything with a tip to quickly press the button. 
  • Use the tip of any item to press the reset button. Keep pressing it for at least 10 seconds until the power LED starts flashing

Note: Once the router is restored to its factory default setting, the next step is to set a new password. For this, you must find the default username and password using the three methods mentioned in the earlier section of this post. Use those to find your default credentials, log into the router using those details, and set a new password. 

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